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» Reltzik - 16-02-09 21:24 -- Bah.
» Reltzik - 16-02-09 21:23 -- Primaries? Primaries? ... Bueller?
» Reltzik - 16-02-09 21:20 -- So. Primaries.
» Erxomai - 16-02-09 16:45 -- And yes, your mom is obnoxious, but you have the power to control how you respond. Big Grin
» Erxomai - 16-02-09 16:44 -- I didn't mean you, specifically, EA. Tongue
» Escape Artist - 16-02-09 16:35 -- I need to stop letting my mom make me feel guilty about my kids even though I don't subscribe to her parenting methods.
» Escape Artist - 16-02-09 16:33 -- We've hired like 2 people lately - I told you to apply Tongue
» Erxomai - 16-02-09 16:27 -- Y u no give me job???
» Escape Artist - 16-02-09 15:53 -- Facepalm Fucked that group up. Way to go.
» Escape Artist - 16-02-09 15:42 -- I still have over 2 hours left. I'm tired. I think I'll go straight home and go to sleep. Undecided
» Escape Artist - 16-02-09 14:33 -- *this world
» Escape Artist - 16-02-09 14:33 -- Not your fault. I'm mad at myself, really. I can't make myself feel what I need to feel in order to be a better mom to the kids I brought into his world w/o their having a choice in it. And that just sucks.
» Metazoa Zeke - 16-02-09 14:32 -- Well all I can say is I'm sorry
» Escape Artist - 16-02-09 14:24 -- So now I'm stuck with this resentment and stuck with the responsibility and I don't know what to do but clothe and shelter them while they're here and then send them on their way. The confidante or emotional support they might need - I don't think I can give it.
» Escape Artist - 16-02-09 14:23 -- I just had mine too young, is all. Never a good thing. I've come to resent it later in life. And I was someone who never wanted kids. I should never have had them. But a stupid mistake (many stupid mistakes) on my part and a lack of education on my parents' part just screwed things up.
» Metazoa Zeke - 16-02-09 14:22 -- Well yeah, I tend to encourage people not to have kids. We have a population of 7 billion
» Escape Artist - 16-02-09 14:19 -- But hell, maybe especially not even for my kids. I've seen too many moms make their entire life about their children adn I refuse to do that. My life is not defined by my being a mother.
» Escape Artist - 16-02-09 14:17 -- And I"m at an age where I'm not too keen to change for anyone.
» Escape Artist - 16-02-09 14:16 -- Take me with my tendency to be aloof and disconnected or leave me. I'm too tired to care anymore.
» Escape Artist - 16-02-09 14:15 -- I can't be the best of myself and the best of their dad, all in one person.
» Escape Artist - 16-02-09 14:14 -- And then they get mad at their dad for being controlling and into their business yet I hear from my mom that the kids say I don't like them or spend enough time with them. Ya can't have it both ways, kids. Sorry. People who are all up in your business are the ones that ask how your day went, etc. and are hovering over you. The ones that respect your space and have no interest in controlling you kind of leave you be and do their own thing. But with those people you feel ignored.
» Metazoa Zeke - 16-02-09 14:14 -- I think kids are fun when they are babies but when they become 15 all hell breaks lose
» Escape Artist - 16-02-09 14:13 -- *fight for them as much as "I" did
» Escape Artist - 16-02-09 14:12 -- I feel like my kids are so unappreciative. They have no idea how hard it was for me to leave their dad and for me to fight for them as much as they did (namely because at the time they were parroting what he said and saying they wanted to live with him) and yet all I hear is whining that they have to spend a couple days with him a week. I'm tired of trying.
» Metazoa Zeke - 16-02-09 14:10 -- EA is right
» Escape Artist - 16-02-09 14:10 -- Never have kids. Repeat: never have kids. Even if you think you want them - and especially then - just say no and don't do it.
» Old Man Marsh - 16-02-09 11:39 -- Why doesn't my computer love me?
» Lightvader - 16-02-09 11:26 -- then your friends find out you're IT and they'll expect you to know everything computer related
» Escape Artist - 16-02-09 09:31 -- I should be in IT - I find this testing business much more stimulating than what I normally do. Hobo
» Lightvader - 16-02-09 06:06 -- such a good morning!
» Lightvader - 16-02-09 06:03 -- hello, people of TTA!
» Momsurroundedbyboys - 16-02-09 00:45 -- Going to bed, goodnight my friends. Hug